How to restore water-damaged wood

Trying to treat your furniture can be a headache, especially if you know next to nothing about restoring water-damaged wood. However, there are just certain tips and tricks that you have to keep in mind to get your wooden furniture looking good as new again.

Undo the damage of the water

In your wooden table, it is normal to have spills of water, getting it soaked from wet glasses and even hot plates can leave unpleasant white marks on your table. As the moisture seeps into it, it will eventually start ruining your wooden table. However, you can repair this damage just by putting a towel on top of the stain itself. Grab your iron and set it to medium setting and you can start pressing into the towel for just a few seconds only. The gentle heat will help in releasing the moisture from your wooden table and into the towel. Check your towel to decide if you need to repeat it until the stain finally disappears.

Repair scratches and nicks

If you accidentally dropped your fork on the wooden table or if someone from your family slams a metal into the table, it will eventually leave noticeable marks, especially if it gets scraped off. To cover the scratches, you need to buy some nuts because it contains natural oils that help in darkening the wood again to conceal its flaws. All you need to do is crack it open and start rubbing the meat into the scratch. After that, you can finish it by wiping some clean cloth into the stain and repeat as much as possible.

Repair hairspray damage

The alcohol that hairsprays and perfumes contain can dissolve the finishes in your wooden table. To fix it, you need to get it thoroughly dry. Grab a clean damp cloth and mix some ammonia into it. Brush it through the stains until you can remove all the sticky residues. Then you can now wipe it dry. You could buy some boiled linseed oil, mild abrasive and powdered rottenstone to make a paste and rub it into the stain. Wipe it using a clean cloth again, and then you can now start applying fresh new coats into the furniture to make it look good as new again.

Tips for taking care of your wooden table

Wooden tables are a lot more sensitive than plastic tables. If you wanted to avoid further damage to your furniture, you should make it a habit to always place some trays to put all glasses into it so that it will not have a direct contact with the wood and lessen the damage into it. You could also purchase some products that can help you in rubbing out stains and scratches in your wooden table as soon as you noticed it so that you can guarantee that you’ll be using your lovely wooden table for the next couple of years.

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