Inflatable Hot Tub Parts

Like most appliances, an Inflatable hot tub guide also has parts and accessories to make your experience more exciting, even if you’re enjoying a cold glass of wine by yourself in your own backyard.

Below are some parts and accessories you may need and want for your inflatable hot tub:


4 Way Test Strips: While it may seem unnecessary, regularly testing the water for your inflatable hot tub is the key to maintaining your hot tub’s performance. These these strips will test your water for chlorine, the water’s PH, and other chemicals that may irritate your skin. While it may not exactly be accurate, it is however, a quick and easy way to test the water. To use these test strips, turn it upside down dip it into the water, turn it back to its correct position. Once the kit is filled with water, add the red tablet to test for the PH level and a DPD #1 tablet to check for the chlorine and bromine level.

Beverage Holder: Sit back and relax while enjoying your favorite drink close by! Simply attach this beverage holder securely on the wall of your inflatable hot tub, this beverage holder can hold 2 average-sized drinks.

Hot Tub Seat: While most hot tub models don’t typically include seats, you can purchase your own to make your experience more comfortable. Removable and slip resistant, this spa seat can be adjusted to accommodate any person’s height and allowing you to sit in comfortably by yourself, a group of friends, and even you children. Take note, while there are cheaper alternatives for hot tub seats, it’s better to buy expensive ones as these cheaper alternatives will be more of a nuisance to you. Read product reviews or ask help from someone who has placed seats in their hot tub.

Inflatable Bench: Need more leg room in your hot tub? Why not buy an inflatable bench! Made with a contoured shape, this inflatable bench is made to fit around your inflatable hot tub perfectly where it’s secured and locked in place; it’s also removable for your safety, convenience, and peace of mind (especially if you have children).

Maintenance Kit: While most inflatable hot tubs can last for three to five years alone, you also need to do some little cleaning on your inflatable hot tub to help prolong your hot tub’s lifespan. Most maintenance kits include the following: a curved brush for cleaning the side walls, a sturdy mesh skimmer to scoop out leaves and other debris in your tub, and a scrubber pad to help you remove dirt and grime in your inflatable hot tub.


While it may seem that most replacement parts may fit or suit your inflatable hot tub, take note that it’s important to buy parts that are made for the brand or model of the hot tub you bought to avoid having problems with it later on. Below are some parts that you may need to buy for your inflatable hot tub:

Spa Drain Plug
Spa Ground Cloth for Hot Tubs
Spa Cover
Chemical Dispenser
Filter Bag
Outlet Strainer