Does it Save you Money?

Every year millions of families decide to have a vacation at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It truly is a wonderful place to visit and it can be an experience they will never forget as they explore the many attractions it offers. yarra valley winery tours hens day The sheer size of the park can be overwhelming at times but for many people the biggest questions are – how much will it cost & can we afford it?

Theme parks can be expensive places to take the whole family. Airfares, hotels, transport, food costs can mount up very easily. Ex-Disney Cast Member Beth Haworth often watched on as families visiting the Disney Theme Parks needlessly spent money indiscriminately. This is the main reason she decided to write a book called “The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide”.

The book became a real labor of love for Beth as she became excited by the prospect of sharing her vast knowledge of the Disney Experience with others. Full of money saving tips, tricks & stategies that could save people hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their dream theme park vacation, The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide quickly became a ‘must read’ for anyone contemplating making the trip. It all starts before you even reach the theme park as Beth explains the best travel & accomodation options where most of the best savings can be found.

It really is a book that anyone who is considering a Disney World Vacation should read BEFORE they go. All the hard work & research has been done for you including where & when to go to get the best prices on the hundreds of attractions at Disney World. There are also many “off park” attractions many people aren’t aware of that are included in the book.

It’s a great idea and well recommended for people who are watching their budget but still want to experience the magic of this special place.

If you’re thinking about a vacation to the Disney World Resort then the first thing I recommend is to plan your trip before you go. There are many deals to be found with just a little bit of research & effort that will not only help you save money but will save you time as well. There is so much to see & do so you’ll want to experience as much as you can in the time you have available.